Pacific NW Properties Foundation

Pacific NW Properties Foundation (EIN #26-2451745) is categorized by the IRS as a Private Foundation – tax exempt 501(c)(3). Contributions to Pacific NW Properties Foundation are deductible under section 170 of the IRS code.

Mission Statement

Pacific NW Properties Foundation will seek out opportunities to fund essential needs programs that offer hope and empowerment to at-risk individuals and families aspiring to build strong, stable and self-sufficient lives.

Grant Guidelines

Pacific NW Properties Foundation is a private foundation established in 2008 to advance our charitable efforts. Our Foundation concentrates on nonprofit organizations in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area though we are also open to funding needs in other geographic regions.

We support:

  • Programs and projects that help at risk individuals and families to build strong, stable and self-sufficient lives.
  • We focus on addressing essential needs such as hunger, shelter, family stability, and basic health care.
  • We focus on low-income individuals and families, especially children, immigrants, and others who struggle in facing life’s challenges and display a strong potential toward becoming self-sufficient.

The Foundation will seek out and invite grant proposals from qualified nonprofit organizations that have proven their effectiveness in addressing these issues.