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We have the BEST tenants in the world, hands down. Our properties are strategically designed to accommodate a variety of sizes and different business uses. A diverse mix of tenants call our properties home, and we’re proud to lease space to distributors, manufacturers, hi-tech, R&D, wholesale, storage, service, recreational, athletic, office and other industries.

In addition to flexible sizes, modern finishes, and unmatched location, our properties are meticulously maintained, managed in house and strategically clustered together which offers our tenants the ability to expand or right size within our portfolio depending on changing space needs, even in the middle of a lease term.

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“We have been extremely pleased to be a tenant and hold your company in the highest regard. The way you run your buildings and treat your tenants is better than any of the landlords I have dealt with in my 34+ years in the real estate business.”

Steve Edelman, President
Greenwing Companies

“When we first contemplated leasing space with Pacific NW Properties, it gave us great comfort knowing that you are a flexible Landlord who has accommodated changing space needs for your tenants many, many times in the past. The fact that you were willing to “tear up” our existing lease in Milwaukie just one year into our lease and accommodate our growth by finding us a larger space (twice the size) in your project, is both appreciated, as well as a big stress relief, and allows us to continue growing our business at a rapid pace.”

Troy Hartfeil, President
HMS Commercial Service, Inc.

“Your properties may be world class, but they pale in comparison to what your organizational culture is really all about. You all have worked hard to be successful, but your true success is measured by your acts of kindness and consideration of those less fortunate. Those holiday presents sitting in your office lobby (waiting to go to an appreciative home), that you all took time to purchase and wrap, say far more about you than any portfolio of well-run properties. I’m very happy to be a tenant of PNW Properties, but I’m far happier to know and associate with the caliber of people that you are. I have no doubt that your actions will make numerous individuals feel that life is just a bit better this holiday season.”

Brent Keeton, Founder
Grange Capital