Pacific NW Properties Returns to the Office in Full Capacity

What a challenging, stressful and uncertain time we’re all living in! On top of the awful racial injustice and polarizing civil unrest in our city and country, we’ve been hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. These past few months have been hard. Psychologically. Financially. It’s been a lonely time for most.  We’ve all struggled economically. When the pandemic first surfaced, PNWP’s top goals were to 1) to keep our employees, tenants and service providers safe and healthy 2) to work around the clock to ensure that our customers are being taken care of and that our obligations as your landlord are being fulfilled 3) that our properties are being maintained to the highest level and that we’re meeting important deadlines 4) that we’re living by our core values and guiding principles, regardless of the market landscape and 5) that we’re committed to having an “outward focus” instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, and do everything in our power to help those around us. It’s challenging times like these that bring out the best of people and we certainly are proud of our team, proud of so many of you who have scratched and clawed, pivoted, asked for help and done your part for your business, family and community to fight through COVID-19. We wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU and recognize each of you!  During this time of worry and uncertainty, one thing is ABSOLUTELY clear – we love you, appreciate you more than you know, and are certain that brighter days are ahead for all of us. Stay healthy and hang in there. With gratitude, optimism and love, Team PNWP!