Daniel Sanderman

Director of Operations

Daniel joined Pacific NW Properties in 2016 and focuses on the operations, administration, and technological aspects of the company. Daniel is a Portland-native and a graduate of Lewis & Clark College with a double-major in English and Philosophy. He spent the first part of his career in academia, earning a Masters in Philosophy and teaching at the University of Arizona. Daniel’s research interests and teaching were focused on understanding how ethics can improve business, medicine, economics, and the environment.

While an instructor at Arizona, Daniel learned web development and design. He used those skills to craft four independent and interactive online courses, enrolling as many as 1,200 students per semester. Additionally, he dedicated extensive hours to private tutoring and also worked as a technology consultant for several businesses. Dan’s education skills are grounded in a solid foundation of analytical thinking and clear communication.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys running, playing guitar in a family band, and spending time with his wife, Nicholette, and his son, Ethan.