Kaitlyn Mason

Kaitlyn Mason

Facility Manager

A native Oregonian, Kaitlyn brings a wealth of experience from the client experience sector to her new role at PNWP. Before joining our team, she honed her skills in the luxury automotive industry for four years, where she developed a keen understanding of high-quality service and client engagement.

Kaitlyn is enthusiastic about contributing her unique perspectives and experiences to PNWP, while eagerly absorbing new insights from her colleagues. Outside the office, Kaitlyn’s adventurous spirit shines. Alongside her boyfriend, Dima, she indulges in year-round camping, off-roading, and exploring Oregon’s diverse landscapes in their Jeep. This passion for adventure is a shared one, often involving friends in out-of-town excursions, snow runs, and regular gatherings.

An avid animal lover, Kaitlyn has a rescued dog named Ruger, who is as much a part of her adventures as anyone, and who exhibits a rare combination of loyalty, quietness, and calmness.

Kaitlyn’s love for the Pacific Northwest extends beyond personal enjoyment; she is passionate about sharing her adventure experiences and recommendations for exploration in the region. Her enthusiasm for uncovering and sharing the hidden gems of the PNW is contagious, and she looks forward to inspiring others to discover the beauty and excitement of the area.