McCoy Doerrie

I recently completed a lease with a client of mine at one of PNWP’s office buildings in Beaverton which wasn’t technically on the market.  Since my previous experiences with PNWP had been so great, I made sure to reach out to them with my space requirement to see if there was anything coming on the horizon.  Through PNWP’s open mind, aggressiveness, creativity, and persistence, we were able to come to terms on a new lease transaction that I believe was a “win-win” for both parties.  My client’s previous bad experience with another landlord was totally eclipsed by feeling catered to, listened to, cared for and understood at PNWP.  In the future, whenever I have a tenant looking in the areas PNWP owns buildings, I won’t hesitate to make sure they’re on the top of the tour list.